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The No-Hassle Way to Feed Your Guest


I remembered the pain of Googling for caterers last year for my baby shower. There weren’t a lot of options online and I had to rely on reviews from Facebook and blogs. I also had to personally call or message the restaurants and cafes to inquire about their menus, services, etc- IT WAS REALLY A PAIN I kid you not.

Well now, lucky for me (and you), there’s a website that curates local catering services and lets you order online. Yes, online. It’s called


Oh wow okay, that sounds awesome! How does it work then?

Let’s say it’s my birthday and I’m throwing a party of 15-20 pax. Or a housewarming. Or whichever that works. After confirming the no of pax, I go on and browse through a wide range of caterers. Found one that is interesting and checked out the packages offered.


You can also check out the menu that’s offered in a package. Really, can you be more thankful for this website?! It’s like, godsent <3


Besides the packages, I can also browse the gallery as well as read reviews from people who have hired this certain caterer (omg seriously isn’t this so convenient). No more Googling and researching everywhere for hours on just ONE caterer!


Okay so yayy I found my caterer, what’s next? Just follow the steps and fill in the form provided. Be as detailed as you can to ensure that nothing’s gonna be left out. When you’re done, you just need to wait to be contacted. That’s it! Super simple steps for you to book a caterer online.


Now I know where to go look for caterers for my next home celebration. With an infant, it’s nearly impossible for me alone to cook for 15-20 pax. Save your time and let help you. Party, anyone? 😉