Delivery Rates at Private Hospitals in KL and Selangor 2020

Hey, moms in Malaysia! If you’re planning to give birth at a private hospital, I’ve compiled a list of some hospitals in KL and Selangor and their delivery rates! Previously, I’ve covered the delivery rates for 2015 (when I looking for a hospital to deliver) and also the year 2016. Obviously you can see an increase in fees throughout the years.
Please note that ALL the prices stated below are valid as of March 2020 and that these are only estimated costs (deliveries without complications).

Subang Jaya Medical Centre
Normal: RM7,000 (includes mom & baby bills for 1-2 days hospitalisation)
C-sect: RM12,000 (includes mom & baby bills for 2-3 days hospitalisation)
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Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara (formerly known as Tropicana Medical Centre)
Normal: RM3,888 view full package here
C-sect: RM8,000 – RM12,000 (includes 3 days 2 nights stay, excludes epidural, excludes medical expenses incurred for each baby)
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Avisena Women’s & Children’s Specialist Hospital (formerly known as DEMC Specialist Hospital)
Normal: RM5,300
C-sect: RM10,300
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Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur
Normal: RM8,000 – RM10,000 (2 days 1 night)
C-sect: RM10,000 – RM16,000 (3 days 2 nights)
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Prince Court Medical Centre
Normal: RM12,000
C-sect: RM15,000
The estimated costs include accommodation, hospital charges, doctors’ fees, and consignment. Length of stay is about 3 days.

I have yet to receive from some other hospitals but when I do, I’ll update this list 🙂 Hope this will help you in planning. All the best, mamas! <3