Beat the queue with Setel, Malaysia’s first Pay, Pump and Go app

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Imagine that your car fuel tank is low. You spot a petrol station and park at an empty pump bay. You reach into your wallet for your credit card, jump out of your car, slot your card in to find that the credit card machine is out of order. Damn.
You have money but the queue in the station is so loooooong. You have no money and the queue at the ATM is so loooooong.
(Scene 1 is based on #truestory).


Setel lo. What is Setel? It’s basically paying petrol via your phone! Forget having to stand in front of the credit card slot at the pump bay and pressing the (dirty) buttons. Just do it in your car and once you’re done, get out of your car and start pumping. That is all. I kid you not. It’s so convenient.

The app tells you the nearest Petronas station to you

Connect your Petronas Mesra card to the app to see your points balance and usage. Forget to claim your points? Fret not, just submit your receipt and upload it! This is a good function for me. I (almost) always forget to slot in my Mesra card after my credit card. As a result, when you tie your card to this app, you will never have to worry about missing out points because it is calculated automatically!

This is probably one of the best function in the app. Redeeming your Mesra points and converting it to $$ to pay for your petrol! Easy peasy lemon squeeezyyyyyyyyyy.

In conclusion, get RM5 when you use my promo code and save on petrol! New user? Use this promo code to get RM5 off your first pump!

Setel promo code

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