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Melbourne – Cold beach strolls and wet city walks in Spring.

Stopped by in Melbourne to do some touristy things and visit my sister in law, few days before I flew to Sydney for work. It was spring but how bad can it be right?


WRONG. It was cold for a tropical weather girl like me, but thank God I brought a lined jacket and heat tech top that kept me (fairly) warm!

Brighton Beach
The beautiful bathing boxes along Brighton Beach.
Brighton Beach
Despite the cold weather, flip flops were worn because I am Asian!
VIC train network
The VIC train network that gets you everywhere.

Public transportation in Melbourne can be quite confusing if you’re a newbie, especially when you need to change to different trains to get to your destination. Don’t even start with me, I got lost taking the tram lol.

Melbourne Central
Gorgeous architecture at Melbourne Central.
RMIT Melbourne
How I wish my uni was so beautiful like this!
Old architectures like these are everywhere! Makes you feel like you’re somewhere in the UK.

I’m amazed at the old buildings around the city, especially the churches. Simply breathtaking.