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Get Things Done With BungkusIt

We’re moms. On top of looking after the children, we have million of other things on our to-do list. Lucky me, I’ve found an app that’s worth mentioning and possibly put some of your miseries to rest. It’s called BungkusIt!

BungkusIt is an app that allows you to get things done like:-

  • Order food from your favourite restaurant
  • Get groceries from the supermarket
  • Deliver your items without queuing up at the post office
  • Pick up things from places for you

Basically everything EXCEPT picking up your kids from school (haha). BungkusIt also promised to get your task done in less than 60 minutes. How superb is that?! No time wasted!

I’ve had the privilege to try out their service and it was pretty easy for a first-timer.

How to go about it? Firstly you need to download the BungkusIt app via App Store or Google Play. Click on register and fill in your details. Key in 4tg2yk in the referral code field.

When you’re done, you’re set to make your first order! For me, I’d like them to purchase McDonald’s and have it sent to my home. Yum yum. Simply add the nearest McDonald’s in the ‘Pickup’ field and your home address in the ‘Drop Off’ field.

Once you’re satisfied, click DONE. You will then see the image below. Select ‘Pay at Drop Off’ and make sure you’ve enough cash to give the roadie when he comes. Type in your order in the ‘Tell us what you want’ section. Be specific and clear if you do not want your order to get messed up. Add a photo if possible to help your roadie with the order. When you’re done click Submit.

Once a roadie accepts your order, you will see this on your screen. This is so useful as it shows you the ETA of the roadie.

My order arrived safe and sound in less than 60 minutes! So happy cos I was super hungry haha. Upon completion of task, you will then have a chance to rate your roadie and in my case, he did a great job in delivering my food.


Don’t forget to key in the code below when you register to get RM6 off!