Mother’s Day Hi-Tea at Makan Kitchen, DoubleTree KL

When it comes to food, it has to: 1) suit my palate and 2) satiate my hunger. For my very first Mother’s Day celebration as a mom this year, my husband and I (and the baby, of course) along with his parents went to Makan Kitchen, a restaurant of DoubleTree by Hilton in KL. They had a too-good-to-pass Mother’s Day deal (Moms eat for free!) and a few of my mom friends spoke good reviews about the spread (because you know, generally, mom + Asian = kiasu about a lot of things so when they say good, it has to be good haha!)

I had the loveliest view of the stunning KL Twin Towers in that fine Sunday afternoon weather so I just had to take this.

thealmosthousewife kl twin towers

Makan Kitchen is located on the 11th floor inside The Intermark building at Jalan Tun Razak. It boasts local delicacies ranging from Malay, Chinese, Indian to Peranakan served from three different kitchens/sections in the restaurant. Prior to the day, I made a reservation a week early to avoid disappointment and true enough, the place was fully booked by Thursday (a friend of mine wanted to book last minute but couldn’t).

Here’s our booked table at the Chinese section. I liked how it’s almost private and enclosed so you can dine in peace but you had to walk a little bit further to the other sections.

thealmosthousewife makan kitchen

thealmosthousewife makan kitchen

I started off with Indian food as it was the furthest from our table. The spread was mostly North Indian cuisine and the chicken varuval along with the condiment sauces were just too awesome. In fact, I think it was the most delicious spread of all. No wonder there were a lot of tables occupied by Indians, they really do know where the good and authentic Indian cuisine is!

thealmosthousewife makan kitchen

This is the fruits and juice bar section. You may also get your hot coffee or tea here.

thealmosthousewife makan kitchen

The dessert section was the last section I went. They have cakes, cupcakes, tarts and also local ones like onde onde and kuih lapis.

thealmosthousewife makan kitchen

thealmosthousewife makan kitchen

Visit their website to find out more promos:
Phone: +603-2172 7272

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