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Review/Giveaway – Lost my Name, a magical personalised book

One day, I found this package sitting on my dining table and my husband had opened it  I told him that I needed it to look like how it came cos I haven’t had any pictures taken for my review purposes. So here it is, in its (nearly) original state 

thealmosthousewife lost my name

When I saw that it was from Lost my Name, I was so excited—it finally came YAYY! Lost my Name was founded by these 4 friends who worked on it as a pet project during their spare time. Read more about their story here:

lost_my_name_founders photo from:

Already impressed me with the personalised packaging, I couldn’t wait to see the product.

thealmosthousewife lost my name

thealmosthousewife lost my name

This totally reminded me of opening a package from Ikea  There’s a cute illustrated manual on how to interestingly read this book to your kid (or how to read this book properly )

thealmosthousewife lost my name

I’ve also received 3 cards of 15% discount that I’m able to pass to families or friends who want to purchase the book (passed one to a friend and I’m currently left with two so whoever wants it, please let me know )

thealmosthousewife lost my name

This is THE book. The book you should read to your child before bedtime. And when they’re big enough, they should read this book out loud before every bedtime.

thealmosthousewife lost my name

This book not only allow you to personalise the story, it also lets you write a personalised message to your child. Initially, our daughter’s name wasn’t on our list but somehow this name came to us and both of us agreed to name her Abigail, which means “my father’s joy” in Hebrew.

thealmosthousewife lost my name

If that’s not all, you can also choose how the character of the book looks like (in my case, I chose a girl with black hair cos we’re Asian like that lol).

Flip through the pages and get ready to be mesmerised by the gorgeous illustrations—each page is indeed special and will win any child’s heart. Check out some of the pages from the my personalised book.

thealmosthousewife lost my name thealmosthousewife lost my name thealmosthousewife lost my name

The back of the page was also customised to include my daughter’s name

thealmosthousewife lost my name

Last but not least, here’s Abby with a book to and for her. We’re pretty sure she’ll love this one thealmosthousewife lost my name

This bookis not only perfect for your child but also a memorable and thoughtful gift to give others. We don’t wanna end this review before we tell you that you can

WIN YOURSELF A PERSONALISED BOOK FROM LOST MY NAME!      One person will own this awesome book (priced at £19.99)! Just follow the steps below and be in the running 😀


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