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Review – Press Beyond Juice

When it comes to juices, I’m quite selective. I’ve never really purchased juices from supermarkets because of the high content of sugar (yes, 100% pure juice? Sure, with cups of sugar!) For a busy breastfeeding mom like me, I needed to make sure I consume enough nutrients to keep me going the whole day (cos you know, juggling between taking care of an active infant and getting things done is really hard work!). Sometimes lunch is non-existent and that’s really not a good thing.

I was so fortunate to try juices by Press. Conceived in 2015 by a sweet couple, they catered for busy working individuals. Their grab-and-go juice bar in KL Sentral only served raw, cold-pressed juices.



What’s so special about these juices?

They have harnessed the pure, vital health benefits of the raw ingredients and deliver them in their most beneficial form: raw and fresh. These nutrients, enzymes and minerals never come in contact with heat and are bottled within moments of being pressed.


These are the range of juice flavours that are currently on sale. I was feeling generous so I shared the juices with my husband (haha). For maximum freshness and nutrients, the juices are best drank within 1-2 days because they’re all made of raw and fresh ingredients (no preservatives!).


This one’s my favourite. I love how each unique concoction has their own set of nutrients and benefits. ‘Guard’ aids in anti-aging and memory booster (because I’m reaching 30 soon and I have a memory of a fish lol).

Check out the benefits of each juice!

Detox – Detoxification | Antioxidant-Rich | Bone & Joint Support
Cleanse – Digestive Aid | Eliminates Toxins | Burns fat
Heal – Aids recovery | Boosts immunity | Replenishes Electrolytes
Snap – Flu Fighter | Improves Circulation | Cardiovascular Aid
Arise – Strengthens immunity | Anti-Inflammatory | Antioxidant-Rich
Quench – Hydrating | Heart Health | Cell repair
Shine – Brightens Skin | Vision Health | Antioxidant Rich
Guard – Anti-Aging | Cardiovascular Aid | Memory Booster


Loveeeee the colours of the juices (and they’re all natural colours from the raw ingredients!)

One more thing that I like about Press is the bottle that they used. I’ve saved all the bottles because the quality is so good, that you can re-use it and chuck it in your handbag cos it’s small. I’d say, try one (or two) today. Check them out at these locations below.

Press Juice Bar,
Level 5, Menara Shell,
Jalan Tun Sambathan,
50470 KL

M+ Natural Remedies,
LG Floor, Bangsar Village 1

Or order online at and have it delivered to your doorsteps!