Fetal Anomaly Scan at Subang Jaya Women’s Clinic


On my 23rd week of pregnancy, my OB Dr Lee Say Fatt from SJMC offered me to go for a fetal anomaly scan at Subang Jaya Women’s Clinic, Malaysia. The scan is a bit different from the regular monthly scan since the whole gist of it is to take a closer look at the baby as well as the womb. This scan is to check that your little one is developing normally.

Do I need to go for a scan?
This is totally up to you. If you did not experience any problems or issues prior to this date, or that your OB has not expressed any concerns to the pregnancy, then you can opt to not do it. I didn’t have any issues as well during my earlier stage of pregnancy but since this is my first and I’d like to be assured that the baby is healthy and comfortable inside, I went for it 🙂

What will I be able to see during the scan?
The OB or sonographer in charge will scan your abdomen and check the condition in stages. They will scan the brain, bones, spine, limbs, hands, legs, fingers, heart, eyes, nose to make sure everything is normal and also reaffirm the baby’s gender. At the end of the scan, a summary of the report will be shared with you as well as some pictures of the ultrasound that you can take home.

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