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Chinese style chicken porridge recipe

Being raised in an Asian home, I grew up on a staple diet of rice and occasionally, my mother would cook chicken porridge for lunch or dinner (or whenever she feels like she needs to whip up a meal quickly and without hassle). Lucky for me, my husband is also a fan of porridge. Usually, I will cook normal porridge with nothing added and then cook some dishes to go with it.

A few weeks ago, I needed something quick and I mean REALLY quick. Well of course cooking a porridge is quick but I want to omit the process of cooking other things so why not put all the ingredients in the pot of porridge right?! Just dump all these into your pot and let it boil to cook 🙂

Season with a dash of salt and pepper and you are ready to eat!

thealmosthousewife chicken porridge2
thealmosthousewife chicken porridge

Chicken fillets
Dried chinese mushrooms
Red dates
Sesame oil