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#MakanMakan Food Hunt @ 1 Utama

Had the privilege to go for 1 Utama’s #MakanMakan Food Hunt event on the 21st of August. It was my first food review event and I had no idea what to expect except that you’ll be put into teams and visit 10 restaurants. Yes. 10 restaurants. Did I visit all? Indeed. Please be aware that this will be a long post and I won’t be responsible if you’re drooling halfway 😛


Whenever we visit a restaurant, we need to have our ‘passport’ stamped

I was placed in a team with a bunch of happy and fun bloggers. Our team’s name was ‘Eat Song Me’. Lol. I knew I was gonna be stuffed that day so I decided to skip breakfast which was a really smart move. On to the food post!

1. Little Fat Duck

First stop was Little Fat Duck which is located at 1 Utama’s Food Street at LG level. It’s a small kiosk with a few tables and chairs fit for those who are on-the-go or simply to have some light food. I must say that I was quite impressed with the taste of their food overall and made a mental note to go back next time I’m at 1 Utama. My personal favourites were the Bolognese and Carbonara.






2. Moo Cow

Since Moo Cow was the nearest, we decided to hop over for our 2nd destination. We were offered a cup of frozen yogurt each with 2 toppings of our choice. I asked for their best-sellers so I got digestive biscuit crumbs with chocolate chips. They even gave us each a bottle of yogurt drink. Yumm!




3. CoCo Ichibanya Curry House

Note: This is a non-halal restaurant. Their specialty is Japanese curry that has various level of spiciness. It ranges from 1 – 5 (5 being the hottest). They served level 4 for us but I didn’t try it because I didn’t want to be gulping down gallons of water and go empty my bladder frequently lol.


makanmakan_food_hunt_1utama_coco02 Clockwise from top left: Smoked salmon salad, pork cutlet and crispy chicken, chicken mayo salad, squid mayo

makanmakan_food_hunt_1utama_coco03Beef yakiniku

makanmakan_food_hunt_1utama_coco04Matcha ice cream


4. MyeongDong Topokki

Korean street food! This shop is located just opposite of Cold Storage in the New Wing. If you feel like munching on deep-fried Korean street food, this is the place to be.



makanmakan_food_hunt_1utama_myeongdong04Fried finger food!


5. Obanhmi

I’ve always wanted to try Obanhmi since some people recommended their signature Vietnamese sandwiches but never got the chance to until that day. I like how they use baguettes for their breads- crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside.


6. Nana’s Green Tea

Hohoho dessert! By now all of us were almost full to the brim but who can say NO to dessert?! This place is perfect for a dessert date and good for sharing. I think most people come here for their parfaits (they come in rather big portion, for me at least).

makanmakan_food_hunt_1utama_nanasgreentea02Chocolate matcha!


7. Bisou

Head over to Bisou and look at their wide range of cupcakes, trust me you’ll want to buy all! We each get a red velvet cake which was pretty good to eat with a cup of coffee or tea.



8. The Library Coffee Bar

When we got there, the place was full so we had to wait for a table. A good place for tea time as well as light meals.



9. Quiznos Sub

This place reminds me of Subway because of the concept where you can choose your bread right up to your sauce. This place not only serve sandwiches, they also serve pizza. The set comes with waffle fries and drink.


10. Betjeman & Barton

Our last destination was Betjeman & Barton which is located near the One World entrance from 1 Utama. This is another good place to have tea with your friends and family.

Here’s a team photo for the road! I really had a great time meeting new friends over food 🙂 Thanks a lot, 1 Utama!