Now in Season Malaysia event @ Village Grocer’s Cafe

Abby and I were invited by Now in Season Malaysia to attend an event that they organised on the 13th of May at Village Grocer’s Cafe, Tropicana Avenue. It was a Saturday so I had my husband drop us off at the location because nobody wants to spend time to look for a parking with a screaming toddler lol. We arrived 10 minutes earlier since it was scheduled to start at 10am but it was pushed to 10.30am. Was given a goodie bag as well with grapes and beetroot in it.

This event is kid-friendly so all kids were equipped with colouring activity sheets. Here’s an occupied Abby.

All tables were also given fresh grapes for guests to munch on and I must say that the grapes were absolutely delicious! Abby was requesting for more so I was peeling the skin off the whole time.

The event was hosted by Daphne Iking who’s also a Sabahan (like me! :P) and a mom to 3 kids. It wasn’t until after the event ended that we chatted. Always excited to meet another Sabahan here in West Malaysia.

Here’s Indra Balaratnam giving some insights to the guests who are mostly parents. I would think that I know a lot about important nutrients for my child but surprisingly, all I know are all on the surface. Indra showed what kind of food group are supposed to be given more and how to count them in servings. Very informative indeed. She also showed two very simple healthy recipes that we can follow.

The event ended with a light brunch for everyone and the two recipes that were shared by Indra was also served. The carrot dip was simply delicious. Just blend some carrots, green beans and garlic and you’ll have a wonderful dip to go with cucumbers and crackers 🙂

Also bumped into my ex-colleague who is also a popular blogger <3 A great mom to two beautiful girls, Illy’s blog covers from reviews to her experiences. Check her out at

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