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Plagentra Baby Bubble Wash and Shampoo

Bath time with my daughter is always fun. I’m happy that she enjoys bathing and playing with her rubber ducky, splashing water all over the place while maintaining that cheeky face. I’ve been a regular user of Buds Infant Head to Toe Cleanser but of recent, I’ve learned to explore other brands.


I’ve been so privileged to be chosen to test out products from a Korean brand called Plagentra. This is an honest review and no payment were involved.

Plagentra Baby Bubble Wash and Baby Shampoo


If there’s one thing that’s worth mentioning about these products is that the scent is pleasant and not overpowering. I like the after use smell of the shampoo because it is not too strong and it has a nice baby scent to it (no strawberry, blueberry, apple gimmick). I also like the bottle shape of press-to-pump out- no hassle of squeezing the bottle, dropping it, etc unlike other brands.

At first I didn’t know how to unlock the bottle pump for the Baby Bubble Wash but it was easy to figure it out. I like the foam that comes out instead of just liquid soap. I also like the scent of the bubble wash as it is not too strong like the shampoo. Easy to lather all over my baby’s body as well.

Plagentra Mother’s Belly Stretch Mark Cream


What I like about the belly cream was that it is unscented. When I apply it on my skin, it immediately feels soft and smooth. It’s also not oily and suitable for other parts of the body like the feet and arms.

The only thing that turned me off was that most of the text on the box were in Korean. If I were to purchase them off the shelf, I’d spend some time reading the label and the ingredients on the box. Benefits were not highlighted so I didn’t know what it’s good for, what’s lacking and how to use it.

Overall, the products itself are good, just that the labeling isn’t so efficient. Do try it if you see it in the market.