Top 5 Things I Want to Buy from Ensogo Malaysia

Having a baby means possessing a very long and endless wishlist. This ranges from baby essentials like diapers to baby accessories like a booster seat or a soft structured carrier (I had three of those!). While they’re just a list of desired things, one can still dream, yes? (oh husband take note AHEM) Lately, I’ve stumbled upon an e-commerce website called Ensogo Malaysia. They also have localised version for countries like Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. I know, right? Another website to bookmark when shopping online for the best deals (shut up and take my moneyyyyy).

Ensogo Malaysia

thealmosthousewife ensogo

At a quick glance, being a web designer, I am quite anal on web UI especially when I need to look for something. I like how the categories on Ensogo are visible as soon as I enter the website and that everything is clean, neat and arranged in grid-like sections.

thealmosthousewife ensogoEven the categories are made unique by placing them in ‘floors’, just like in a real shopping mall.

I had obviously scrolled to 7F which is the Baby & Maternity section (baby comes first these days lol). It’s hard to choose when there are so many great deals offered but if I must, here’s the top 5 items in my wishlist that I would like to purchase (or have someone buy for me :P)

5. Hape, Doctor On Call toy

Hape Dr on Call toy
Hape is known as a top-notch brand for their wooden toys. This set costs RM79.90, I mean, should definitely buy, right? It’s Hape! I would get this because my husband is obsessed with our daughter going to the Royal College of Surgeons when she’s older haha. Hopefully her interest in medical will blossom.

4. Cash Counter Register Machine

Cash register toy ensogo
I wish I am a kid again. I’d buy this for myself my daughter so she won’t miss the fun that cash registers can be.

3. Picardo ‘Tyson’ Safety Gate

Picardo Tyson Safety Gate
This is a must thing to install in your house if you live in a two-storey house like me. My baby have yet to crawl so I’ll probably have less than 2 months before she starts roaming around and climbing the stairs.

2. Mamas & Papas Baby Snug with Play Tray (Red)

mamas & papas baby snug
From RM368 it is now RM265! That’s quite a generous amount of discount! Yes in red because it is one of my favourite colours. Also it is on LIMITED OFFER *gasp* 

1. Philips Avent Steamer and Blender Combined

philips avent steamer and blender
This useful electronic appliance takes the first place in my wishlist. The dual-function of steamer and blender makes preparing food for my baby fast and easy. She will be starting on solids in less than a month so this item is definitely good for me. Currently on limited offer at RM419 from RM488! I am sold!


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