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Birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings—we’ve all been there. What if the time spent to hunt for a perfect gift can be cut short? And what if you don’t have to drive to the mall, walk around for hours and then end up buying a crappy gift? Shop in your pyjamas in the comfort of your own home? Sounds wonderful, yes? Only thing you need to do is just open your browser and go to – Precious Gifts From Your Heart

thealmosthousewife_printcious1 lets you unleash your creativity and make awesome original gifts perfect for any occasion. Your gift instantly becomes unique and extra meaningful cos it would be one of a kind!

Why give personalised gifts?
– The gift can be customised to fit the needs of that special person
– Generic ones are easy to forget
– You can decide the design yourself
– Recipient of the gift will tend to remember and keep the treasured item

What kind of items can I personalise?
From common ones like t-shirt and mugs, to noteworthy ones like ceramic tiles and puzzles—these are the categories of items that you can personalise. Perfect for every occasion out there!


How do I personalise my gift?
Simply choose the item you would like to personalise and click on ‘Customise It’. Once you do that, you are able to add/modify the image(s) using the Customisation Tool. It’s straight-forward and easy-to-use—once satisfied just click ‘Done’ and then add the item to your cart Easy as that- complete the payment section and it’ll be on its way to you!


I’ll definitely use this service for my daughter’s 1st birthday this year. I plan to give personalised mementos in goodie bags to my guests.

For those who are planning to give door gifts during their wedding, this would be a great service to use as well. I’m sure your guests will be wowed 

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