Maggi OatMee Mi Goreng Curry Flavour

Lazada sent a package full of products for me to review and one of them was this- Maggi OatMee Mi Goreng Curry flavour. I’m not a regular consumer of instant noodles in general. But the idea of having something that is good for your body when eating instant noodles kind of gives the person some sort of peace of mind. Who would know that this combination would ever exist. They say instant noodles are bad for you, but this one has oats in it sooo is that a good thing? Haha whatever, I’ve tested this out and it’s actually not that bad.

It’s a little bit pricey than the normal Maggi, about RM6 per pack. It’s a ‘healthier’ version so it does make sense right?

The noodles itself looked brownish, probably cos of the added oats (or is it?) It comes with seasoning oil, sweet soy and curry-flavoured powder.

Soaked the noodles in hot water for a few minutes. Took them out and added the seasonings. I’ve had leftover beef balls from the night before so I just added them in.

If you’re hungry and in need of a quick meal, this could probably be a healthier option than the rest of the instant noodles out there in Malaysia. Give it a try 🙂

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