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Review: Goo.n Diapers

Lately, I was offered the brand Goo.n to test on my baby. I said why not, told them the preferred size and received the pack about a week later.

Abby is now 10 months old and so far, I’ve tested more than 5 brands of baby diapers! I don’t mind experimenting them all because Abby was not a fussy baby and she didn’t have nappy rash problem.


Upon looking at the label, I found that this diaper was made in Thailand. It’s stated that the diapers are Japan made. Tore the plastic and took one out. Unlike Drypers, the Goo.n diaper is quite long which is good (perfect for tall babies or babies with big bum bum). It almost reminds me of Pampers. It’s soft, thin and feels quite premium.


Abby wore it for about 4 hours and throughout, I don’t think she had any problems with the diaper. She was just crawling about actively and slept through naps peacefully 🙂

My thoughts:
This diaper could be a cheaper alternative to Pampers because it’s similarly long, soft and thin. I’ve to agree on the dryness part, it was dry when I took it off her.